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Anime-zing: fashion inspired by anime, just about all my friends love anime even though I never got into it myself here are some fashions inspired by friends obsession

1.ANIME EYES tank from beautilation@etsy 30$
2. Just about the entire store of http://galaxxxyrocks.com this store has just about anything that your little anime/ kawii heart could desire.
3. This sweatshirt from lookhuman for the diehard anime fan

"All The Girls Standing In Line For The Dressing Room"

- Me today while shopping

"I’ve spent my whole life listening to songs about breaking up and falling in love — but I’ve never had a partner. I’ve never been in love with someone who has loved me back. So I wanted to write an album about unrequited love. An album for people who are lonely."

- Sam Smith

His debut album In The Lonely Hour will be released on May 26. (via tamothy)

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SAM SMITH ON SNL TONIGHT SO EXCITED :D just wish i didn’t have to wait for it to go on hulu. Well I be happy when it makes it to me

"My journal and my sketch book the only two places I can be completely honest with my self with out any judgment"



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