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Picked these beauties up from my job today. This is the very first time I’ve actually wanted to buy makeup from my store (most of the time, our makeup selection is super bleak). They’re super cheap and they glow under black light! Will definitely be doing a review on these 

I must have these

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Anime-zing: fashion inspired by anime, just about all my friends love anime even though I never got into it myself here are some fashions inspired by friends obsession

1.ANIME EYES tank from beautilation@etsy 30$
2. Just about the entire store of http://galaxxxyrocks.com this store has just about anything that your little anime/ kawii heart could desire.
3. This sweatshirt from lookhuman for the diehard anime fan

"All The Girls Standing In Line For The Dressing Room"

- Me today while shopping

"I’ve spent my whole life listening to songs about breaking up and falling in love — but I’ve never had a partner. I’ve never been in love with someone who has loved me back. So I wanted to write an album about unrequited love. An album for people who are lonely."

- Sam Smith

His debut album In The Lonely Hour will be released on May 26. (via tamothy)

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SAM SMITH ON SNL TONIGHT SO EXCITED :D just wish i didn’t have to wait for it to go on hulu. Well I be happy when it makes it to me

"My journal and my sketch book the only two places I can be completely honest with my self with out any judgment"